Fortnite: Where to Visit Ghost and Shadow Ruins

Fortnite’s Week 11 Quest Challenges are here, and this guide shows players where to visit the old Ghost and Shadow base ruins.

Week 11 of Fortnite is here, bringing with it a new set of quest challenges for players to overcome. One of this week’s quests has players visiting the remnants of the Ghost and Shadow bases, the two rival militaristic factions featured prominently in Chapter 2’s prior seasons.

First introduced at the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, the black-clad Shadow (A.L.T.E.R.) and all-white Ghost (E.G.O.) factions were a large element for the game’s earlier Chapter 2 seasons. At the start of Season 2, players were required to choose between Ghost or Shadow, something that has been theorized to have directly changed the Battle Royale map.

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Where to Visit Ghost Ruins in Fortnite

fortnite ghost ruins sharky shell guide

While the presence of both Ghost and Shadow factions has steadily dissipated over the past few seasons, replaced with the IO (Imagined Order) Guards, and then nearly wiped clean from the island altogether, there are a few remnants of the organizations to be found. Players must track down the former strongholds of each side as part of this week’s quests, something that should be fairly easy for longtime players.

The most obvious location is the Sharky Shell POI, located in the northwest corner of the map. Formerly known as The Shark, players can find the Ghost logo in the center of the island’s ruins. Landing near the symbol is the most surefire way to have it count towards the quest.

Where to Visit Shadow Ruins in Fortnite

fortnite shadow ruins guide

The ruins of the Shadow base are a little less obvious, being that the nature of the base was for it to be fairly hidden in the first place. Players will need to head to a small cove on the east coast of the island, located northeast of Retail Row and south of Dirty Docks. Formerly known as “The Grotto,” the Brutus’ Basin POI is where players can find the sealed entrance to the flooded former Shadow base. Land at the Ghost logo-marked aquatic entrance to complete the Fortnite Week 11 quest.

The decision to have players visit the ruins of the old Ghost and Shadow bases is an interesting one. The current “Primal” season has, up to this point, had almost zero mention of the mysterious organizations. There are a few threads still connecting a few of the island’s NPCs to Ghost and Shadow, however, namely those connected to what could be one or both group’s leader, Midas.

Jules, the NPC found on the southern island of Camp Cod, is confirmed to be Midas’ daughter, while the new mysterious NPC Orelia is believed to be Oro’s partner. For those unaware, the golden skeletal king Oro is believed to be an evolution of Midas, and this quest bringing Ghost and Shadow…out of the shadows may indicate a big role for the incoming Season 7.

The two ruins are quite far apart from each other, so it may take more than one game for Fortnite players to complete the quest. Being that Season 6 only has a few weeks left, there’s bound to be a portion of players who’ve leveled up past the point of new quests holding much significance. Fortunately, quests aren’t the only new thing Fortnite has added recently, as the free-to-play game is in the midst of its NBA “The Crossover” event, which adds skins and back bling for all 30 teams.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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