How to get Ruby Shadows Skin in Fortnite

In celebration of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, Epic will do anything to get people to visit their storefront. One of the ways they did that is by giving away NBA 2K21 for free. The other one, which we think is more effective for the younger folks out there, is by releasing a PC-only skin on Fortnite. Exactly, the Ruby Shadows Skin is a PC-only skin, which requires you to log in to the Epic Games Store and get exposed to the storefront’s tempting Mega Sale. Indeed, if you’re a console player, you better install Fortnite on your PC already if you want this skin. How do you get the Ruby Shadows Skin in Fortnite, exactly? Read on.

How to get Ruby Shadows Skin in Fortnite?

To get the Ruby Shadows Skin on Fortnite, you first have to download the Epic Games Store. Then, download Fortnite. Once you have downloaded the game, log in. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to claim the Street Shadows Challenge Pack in the Fortnite Store. Completing the challenges will earn you rewards, which includes the Ruby Shadows Skin. According to Epic Games, the Street Shadows Challenge Pack will only be available on the Fortnite Store until June 17, 2021. Once claimed, you will have all the time in the world to complete the challenges in the Street Shadows Challenge Pack.

The Challenges in the Challenge Pack don’t require a lot of effort. You’ll easily complete them as you play Fortnite matches, so there’s no immediate pressure in completing them. The first item you can unlock easily is the Sky Shadow Glider, which you can unlock as soon as you outlive 500 players. Next, you can unlock the Shadow Slicer Pickaxe after dealing 1,000 damage across games. Once you’ve completed all of the challenges in the Street Shadows Challenge Pack, you’ll be awarded with the Ruby Shadows Outfit.

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