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The best headphones for gaming 2021

When picking the best headphones for gaming, we’re looking out for a couple of key factors. That starts with sound quality to rival the best gaming headsets—obviously, that’s key. Then headphones also need the ability to move beyond your home setup, accompany you on your commute, or keep you in the zone at the gym. The following gives a smooth transition, as the majority of these headphones can connect to your PC and other devices, either via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable. 

While premium headphones tend to be comfier than your typical gaming headset, they do lack the features you’d find in a headset for gaming. Their microphones (if they have one) aren’t on par with their gaming counterparts since most are designed for taking phone calls and little else—hence the name. But if you already have one of the best microphones for gaming, then all you have to worry about is comfort, portability, and sound quality.

Best headphones for gaming

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Nuraphone Headset

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Nuraphone Headset

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Nuraphone Headset

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Nuraphone Headset

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1. Nuraphone

The best headphones for gaming

Wireless: Yes | Driver-type: Dynamic inner ear: 15mm, outer ear: 40 mm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm wired | Frequency response: 10Hz-40,000Hz | Features: Digital noise cancelling, Alexa compatibility, built-on touch controls, ambient sound function, USB-C fast charging, 30-hour battery life

Beautiful design

Excellent personalized sound

Top-notch active noise control

Gaming mic is $50 extra

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