Fortnite Season Events Make Warzone Updates Feel Extremely Dated

Fortnite’s unique world events have kept the game fresh since its 2017 release. Call of Duty: Warzone needs to start doing the same to keep up.

Since its 2017 release, Fortnite has managed to keep its millions of fans obsessed with its seemingly repetitive battle royale gameplay. That’s in large part due to Epic Games’ mind-boggling world events that drastically change the title’s map from one Season to the next, and its live events, like Fortnite‘s Travis Scott concert, that users need to log on during a specific time to experience. The combination makes the game feel like a living and breathing universe that puts competing battle royales, like Call of Duty: Warzone, to shame.

The ever-changing nature of Fortnite has attracted upwards of 350 million players that have cumulatively played the game for billions of hours. That not only handily makes the title the most played battle royale on the market, but it’s debatably the most popular game available – at least right now. While Warzone‘s player base is nothing to be scoffed at either, its in-game world seems stagnant and dated next to Fortnite.

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Warzone is, by all means, a monumental success for Activision-Blizzard. The battle royale’s release gave diehard Call of Duty fans free-to-play access to a franchise that they previously had to pay $60 for every year. Warzone has earned hundreds of millions in revenue and has become the premier battle royale for gamers that want a realistic gunplay experience. Still, it’s stuck playing catch-up as Epic Games innovates the genre with every passing Fortnite Chapter and Season.

Warzone Needs Better World Events

The recently-concluded Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 featured an event that saw Marvel Comics’ Galactus permanently change the game’s Apollo Island. Fortnite‘s Galactus event garnered more than 15 million concurrent players, and Epic Games used that moment to introduce a stunning amount of comic book, TV, and movie crossover character skins. While Warzone also releases seasonal updates like Fortnite, Activision has failed to create the same kind of splash that Epic Games has from season to season.

Warzone‘s Rebirth Island limited-time event in December 2020 was a step in the right direction. It compelled players to log in and play to earn rewards they wouldn’t be able to claim after time ran out. Other patches have primarily incorporated minor map tweaks, new vehicles, and new tools gamers can work into their sessions. Epic Games does the same thing with each update, but Activision could finally be prepared to launch a Fortnite-scale world even that will shake the battle royale to its core.

Call of Duty: Warzone leaks have suggested that a nuclear strike could soon level the Verdansk map and completely transform the island fans have been playing on. It will be interesting to see if Activision is planning on making the rumored destination a Fortnite-style live event, which could attract millions of players to witness the transformation of Verdansk. That would be a much-needed change of pace for the title.

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